whatsapp hack
whatsapp hack

On daily basis, we come across many WhatsApp hack tactics, which have become outdated and just doesn’t work in 2017. Even though there were many WhatsApp hack techniques like QR Jacking & Mac Address Spoofing, But those workarounds have been Patched by WhatsApp in recent updates.

So if you are looking for a WhatsApp hack which still does work, you are at the right place.

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Whatsapp Hack – By decrypting “msgstore.db.crypt” files

Prerequisites: First of all you need victim’s phone in hand (for a minute or so to get the log files), Some good social engineering skills.

What do we need for WhatsApp Hack:

  • Victim’s email address
  • Victim’s WhatsApp log files

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Steps To Follow.

  1. The Easiest way to get the email address is to simply go to Play Store in victim’s phone and memorize the email address.
  2. Now we will need to find the WhatsApp message log files. You can find those by going to the path down below:
File Manager -> Internal Storage -> WhatsApp -> Database -> msgstore.db.crypt
WhatsApp hack

Select the most recently backed-up log file, which is usually at the last place of the list

3. Send this log file to your device via mail or anything.

Now we are done with Victims Phone, Let’s decrypt this log file to get into all messages sent and received by victim’s WhatsApp.

4. In the next step We will have to download DB Key Extractor From HERE , As we know whatsapp uses military grade encryption for securing it’s data. So we will have to get the DB Key Using this tool.

5. Now Visit THIS LINK and upload the DB key which you’ve extracted in previous step.

6. Once key is uploaded, enter the email address (which you’ve memorized) and the message log files which you’ve extracted in step 2.


WhatsApp Hack

8. Once downloaded the .zip you’ll see a “whatsappDB.html” file and you can get into all of the messages and pics of the WhatsApp conversation.

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