Cloud file sharing such as Box, Google Drive & Dropbox has been around for a long time. But anyone having shareable link can access your data, causing privacy breach . There are many secure file sharing services but they aren’t really secure, nor do they come cheap. This is what inspired Mozilla to develop FirefoxSend, it let’s you securely and easily share files, and best of all, it’s completely free.

Send is a free file sharing service by Mozilla under its Firefox Test Pilot project. It allows the user to upload any file to Mozilla’s servers and then download it with the help of a shareable link. Mozilla offers great privacy due to the encryption of the data being transmitted.Let’s take a look how should we do it.

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Using Firefox Send

  • Next , click on the “Select a file on your computer” to start uploading the file you wish to share.

  • Once the file uploaded, you’ll be presented with a screen similar to the one shown below. Copy the shareable URL and send it to the person you wish to share the file with.


  • Enter the shareable URL into your browser window. Once you enter the URL, you’ll be presented with a screen that shows you information about the file. Click on the “Download” button to begin downloading the file. Upon clicking the “Download” button, Firefox Send will first decrypt the data file and then download it to your system.

  • After one download OR after 24 hours. If you try re-entering the URL in the browser, you’ll notice that the link would have been expired, that is, deleted from Mozilla’s servers.

How is it different from other services?

Unlike most file sharing services, Firefox Send relies on making sure that the file has been accessed by the person it was destined for, and no one else. Essentially, files uploaded on Firefox Send will automatically be deleted once they’ve been downloaded. Furthermore, the Send service will also delete the file after 24 hours, even if it hasn’t been downloaded. Additionally, the uploader also has the right to delete the uploaded data.

As far as encryption is concerned, most web services offer encryption on their server side only. Firefox Send, on the other hand, encrypts the files during transmission. Additionally, Firefox Send encrypts files on the client side as well, so that not even Mozilla can read them. The shareable URL of the uploaded file itself contains the necessary encryption key to decrypt the file.

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