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Live Edit Any Website – Hey everyone, on some user request we wrote about Facebook Hacking last time. And as expected, I got messages in our inbox. There were many people asking me to write on different topics and some of them were asking for some tutorial about some funny trick and all.

There was this one guy who asked me about how he can edit any website like Facebook or Google just for fun.

And there is a web browser extension which can exactly do the same.Even though this is not any of the ways to hack a website, but this nice little trick I wanted to share with you can live edit any website. So here it is!

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Step 1:

Firstly, Download Firebug Extension (For Firefox,  For Chrome)

Step 2:

Once firebug extension is installed for your web browser, you will have to activate it. To Activate it Locate the firebug icon on the left side of the URL bar. Hit it once and it will be activated and Firebug console will show up.

Step 3:

Once Firebug console pops up. Hit the Inspect Arrow on the top left corner of the console (highlighted in red box)

Then Hit any text area in the website to edit it. Additionally, you can play around with codes. Once done editing the text just hit enter. And You can the changes in the website.

Demonstrating Live Text Edit On Google Homepage

See how I changed google’s country name, how I manipulated the sign in, Gmail and everything.

Apart from changing random stuff, you can also change your friends profile on Facebook, chats and share them with others to have a little bit of healthy fun!

Note: The changes will be only on client side not server side.

Do let us know what kind of fun you had with this trick.

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