ip puller
ip puller

IP Puller – IP Logging Tutorial – Grab IP Address of Anyone

Ip puller or ip logger will grab anyone ip address if the victim click or open the link and you will get the ip address of victim in the email or the text format. So if you want to find someones ip then you setup a ip puller or ip logger, then you send it to the victim. If the victim clicks on the link than you will be able to find ip address of the victim. You will get some more details with the ip address Like hostname, country name, web browser etc.

Why to use the ip puller?

  • To track someone location
  • To Prove someone that he/she clicked the link
  • Getting real time click stats of the social networking posts.

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How can i make my own IP Puller?

This website you can use to make IP logger.

Now go through the website and you will see the form where it will be asking “Enter a Valid URL”

ip puller

Now in the Text Box, Just type any domain you want. For Example that you want when victim clicks the link than he/she must be redirected to the google. So just type https://google.com and click on the “create URL” .

ip logging

Now the link which is in the red box, you have to send to the victim. When ever the victim clicks on the link. There ip will be recorded.

How to check the IP Address that you have got?

Now You have to go to the Access Link where you can find the ip adress, Date/time when user clicked the link, country of the victim, Web Browser Details, Hostname and the Internet service provider details.

ip puller

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