how to hack a phone
how to hack a phone

How to Hack a Phone – Hack any Phone by just Installing an APP.

This tutorial is about how to hack a phone and to spy on them but to hack them you need to get the physical access to victim phone.

Once you get victim phone for just 1 Minute. You install the app as it will not take much time to install the application. Once the app is installed then you can remotely access his phone.

What is Spy Human?

SpyHuman‘s Cell phone tracker app stays invisible on the targeted device and collects all the activities of your victim without being known by them, Phone tracker helps you to locate your vicim’s or employee’s real time GPS Location while the App remains undetectable on the targeted device


Note : This Tutorial is just for android 3.1 and Higher

What can you do with hacked Phone?

  • Monitor call details
  • Track Text Messages
  • Track Location of the cell phone.
  • Get contacts Details
  • Monitor Social Media chats
  • Monitor Web Browsing History
  • Live Motoring
  • File Manager Access
  • Get Pictures from gallery
  • Block Apps
  • Theft Protection
  • Device Information

Monitor call logs

You can get the call logs in your control panel and you can find the date, time and phone number of every incoming and outgoing call.

Track Text Messages

You can track the text messages of the victim. You will get the very text message they send or receive in your control panel.

This can be used to hack social media accounts by resetting the passwords on the phone which usually requires one time verification code.

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Track Location of the cell phone

Location of the cell phone can be possible. You will get current location of the cell phone.

Get contacts Details

You will get the all contact details of the which are in the victim phone. You can export the contact book in the excel or the pdf format.

Monitor Social Media chats

So this is the most awesome feature. You will get all the chat of facebook, watsapp and other social media and you can read all the chats of victim.

Monitor Web Browsing History

You can monitor the web browsing history and you will get all the websites which are browsed by the victim.

Live Monitoring

This is one of the best part of this hack. You can record live audio on the victim phone and victim wont know about it because they are not stored on the victim phone but you can find them in your control panel.

You can also click pictures from victim front and back camera and those pictures wont get saved in the victim phone.

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File Manager Access

You will get the access to the File Manager of the phone. So you can explore all the files in the victim phone.

Get pictures from gallery

All the pictures from the phone gallery , you will get them all.

Block Apps

You can remotely Block Apps so the victim cant use them anymore in there phone.

Device Information

You will get all the basic details about the phone just like battery percentage, Phone Model, and the imei Information.

How to Hack a Phone?

So lets start the Step by Step easy tutorial.

Install and configuration.

  1. Go to Settings > Security and just check the unknown sources.
  2. create an account and verify it.
how to hack a phone

3. Download a SPY APP to hack the phone

4. Provide all the permissions to the APP. Make sure that the all the permissions are granted because the app will not install if permissions are not granted.

how to hack a phone

5. Enter the Login Details.

Now the app will ask for the login details. Please enter the login details that you registered on the Step 2.

how to hack a phone

For the device name, Enter Anything ‘abc’ ‘123’ etc.

It will take approximately 1 minute to install the app. If you are doing this for first time then it can take few more minutes for you. Now the App has been installed and phone is hacked.

How to SPY on Phone after Hacking?

Login at the control Panel from here.

This is how you control panel will look.

how to hack a phone

If you are having any issue regarding settings and procedure then here are some tutorial videos for you.

If you have any problem then you go through all Video Tutorials here and installation guide here.

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