make money online
make money online
Make Thousands of dollars Every day, Easy Ways to make money online.

Hi there! Today is your lucky day! if you are looking for ways to make money online then you came at the right place.  As soon as you have finished reading this tutorial you will be fed-up with good IM knowledge that can possibly make you rich online. Don’t get me wrong. This is not one of those phony e-books: “how to make 100, 000 a day”. However, with the information in this report you can easily start making a 100$ daily even if you have no experience in IM whatsoever…
Trying all these methods together may be confusing, so I suggest that you pick one method and work on it until you start making at least $50 a day. Then you can skip to the other methods so that you can increase your income online.
Alright, Let’s get down to make money!


Gambling affiliates & Viral E-books
Did you know that online gambling affiliates are one of the most highpaying affiliates? A lot of gambling affiliates usually pay $100-$300 for every active gambler that you refer.
That means that all you need to make $100 daily is find one active gambler every single day. Can it get any simpler than this? Of course if you are a beginner in IM, this may be out of your league but don’t worry, I am here to teach you everything. Before I start telling you how to make money online with this method I want to cover one last point. To get a commission from these affiliate companies, the gamblers you refer must make a deposit. That’s why I told you that the gamblers must be “active”. So in this case, we can’t
just fool people into joining this gambling company. We have to find real gamblers that are willing to play!

Making money online with this method
This is one of the best method to make money online .First of all you have to sign up with a good affiliate. I suggest (affiliate of golden palace). They pay you $100-$300 for each person that you refer.
You can also choose the rev share option. They will split the revenue they earn from your referrals 50/50…
Your choice
I prefer the $100-$300 option.
Once you sign up with an affiliate company, you have to get traffic to get people to join.

Step 1
Do a quick search on the internet for articles and e-books related to gambling. You can search for:
“How to play poker online”
“How to increase your chances of winning when gambling online”
“How to play roulette”
“Online poker strategies”
Basically you can search for anything that is about online gambling and make money online because people are crazy to make money surfing internet.

Step 2
Once you get some ideas, you have to create an e-book. A 2-3 page ebook will do just fine.
• You can either invent a guide yourself.
• You can re-write the stuff that you see on other e-books.
• You can be a bad boy and copy the entire e-book, then make some minor changes at the beginning and at the end.
Whichever you like Make sure that you include your affiliate link in the e-book at least once.
For example: If you are interested in online gambling, the best company to joins is [Your Affiliate link] I suggest that you create several e-books related to gambling or making money.

More E-books = More Referrals = More Money

If the e-books are good and convincing enough, people will read them and join the online gambling company from your affiliate link!!

Now the only thing left to do is to distribute these e-books to as many people as you can!

Step 3
The best thing to do is to distribute them for free! The best thing about an e-book is… it can go VIRAL!
You can start off by sharing them on related forums. You can find several forums related to online gambling, just do a quick search on google or head over to

Step 4
Have you ever heard of
Basically is a website that allows people to share and download e-books for free. Make sure that you upload all of your ebooks on it.

Step 5
Another good website is Slideshare allows you to upload power point presentations. Open up your Microsoft PowerPoint and paste all of the e-books’ information onto Powerpoint presentations. Save the presentations and upload them on slideshare.

Step 6
Sign up to some torrent sites and upload the e-books on them. A lot of people underestimate this technique. They think that people will not download e-books from torrent sites. Well, they’re wrong. I have ebooks on torrent sites that get downloaded at least 50 times a day… and that’s only from one torrent site. The only trick here is to make a catchy title!
How to play poker – Bad title
How to play online poker – Better title
How to play and win online poker – Good Title
$27 Underground E-book – How to be a champion in online poker games – BEST TITLE

Method conclusion and suggestions on how to make money online
That should be all. Remember that the people that read the e-books will be already interested in online gambling and making money online. Therefore, you can easily get good conversions if you create good e-books.
Imagine that you convert @ 1:20. (very doable)
That means that for every 20 people that visit your link, you
will earn a $100!!
If you follow these distribution techniques given to you correctly, you can easily get 100s of readers every single day! + With these techniques your e-books could easily go VIRAL!! If you follow the steps clearly then you can make huge money online

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