How to Hack Computers, Basic Security and Penetration Testing
How to Hack Computers, Basic Security and Penetration Testing

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to Hacking
Chapter 2 The Rules of Ethical Hacking
Chapter 3 What Hackers See During a Sweep
Chapter 4 Understanding Basic Security Systems
Chapter 5 Where Hackers Attack
Chapter 6 Understanding Social Engineering
Chapter 7 Protecting your Passwords
Chapter 8 Hacking Skills: Learn Programming
Chapter 9 Hacking Skills: Open-sources
Chapter 10 Hacking Skills: Proper Writing
Chapter 11 Creating A Status in the Hacker Culture
Chapter 12 Hacker and Nerd
Chapter 13 Concept of Free Access in Hacking
Chapter 14 Culture of Sharing
Chapter 15 Hacking as a Community and Collaborative Effort
Chapter 16 Ethical Hacking
Chapter 17 Hacking for Free Internet
Chapter 18 Securing Your Network
Chapter 19 Dealing with Fake Wi-Fis
Chapter 20 Hacking Facebook
Chapter 21 Understanding a Denial of Service Attack
Chapter 22 Introduction to Digital Forensics
Chapter 23 Windows Registry and Forensics
Chapter 24 Going Undercover in Your Own Network

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