British hacker Marcus Hutchins has been arrested by FBI. During his visit in the USA to participate in annual DefCon and Blackhat conference. This arrest charges his involvement in the creation and spreading of banking trojan Kronos. Hutchins had halted WannaCry infection in May, accidentally founding it’s kill switch.

He is charged of creating and infecting the banking trojan Kronos between 2014 & 2015. He was arrested by the FBI after the DefCon and Blackhat conference in Las Vegas.

The major charges made by the FBI in its indictment are:

  • Marcus Hutchins created Kronos Malware
  • He advertised the availability of the Kronos malware on internet
  • He offered to sell trojan for $3,000
  • He also took care of the maintaining and updating Kronos
  • In June 2015, sold a Kronos version for about $2,000

The malware was designed to steal banking credentials, by directing targets to fake, malicious banking websites.

“You need just a domain or a payment including the domain fee. You’ll have full access to the C&C, without any limits or restrictions during test mode,” a translated version of a Russian language post advertising the trojan reads.

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