facebook user location finder
facebook user location finder

Facebook user location finder – In this tutorial, I will show you how to track a person’s location i.e., IP Address by doing a simple chat with him/her on Facebook, Google+ or any other social network..

Using Windows Command Prompt as Facebook user location finder.

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Facebook User Location Finder – Find IP Address

If you want to track anyone’s location, might be your friend whom you want to meet for an important job and he is telling you that he is outside. So, just invite him on Facebook Chat and say “hi” or any familiar word which you use.

Now, when you friends do reply, open your Windows Command Prompt.

In Command Prompt, type

netstat -a

or if you are using any messenger to chat then use

netstat -nbt

Now, the command prompt will show all your computer’s IP Addresses and Receiver IP Address. As you can see in the image down below

facebook user location finder

Now what happens here is that command prompt lists up all the Receiver IP address of your internet traffic. (you can see that in the red box ie. FOREIGN ADDRESS).

Here, you will have to look out for your friend’s IP address among the hundred other IPs, well, that is simple: The last one in the foreign address column is your friend’s IP since it was the last data packet came in into your web browser.

Facebook user location finder – Track Geo Location

Note that IP address and go to any Geo Location finder website like.

There you put the IP address in the search bar and it will show you the Geo Location of the facebook user.

facebook user location finder

Now here you can see the City in which user is in. But right now you can’t precisely pinpoint out his/her location. Let’s do it in next step.

The Pinpoint Location – Facebook user Location Finder

Look at the above pic, you can see 2 values ie. Latitude and Longitude (Pointed in Green Arrow)

Copy those numeric values only. And paste them in Google Maps. The pasting format should be like – [LatitudeValue,LongitudeValue]


Hit enter, and there you are with your friend’s current location.

facebook user location finder

If you know any other such tricks, do let us know in comments.

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