This is yet another small tutorial for people to make a few extra dollars per week by doing nothing but posting on a forum. For this tutorial, we’ll be talking about and the amazing paid-to-post programs started by users of the forums. Do note that this method is something you should do for fun and pocket change, but it can also be scaled up by using many accounts to post. All you need to do for this method is post constructively on BitcoinTalk’s gambling section with a signature.


  • Account (Junior and above)
  • Bitcoin Wallet (
  • Time Account

So, the only important thing you need for this method is to have a BitcoinTalk account. Many of you might already have it, but for those who don’t, you can register for an account here –

An account will look something like this:

Rank Details

Alternatively, you can purchase BitcoinTalk forum accounts from other users. Just make a quick Google search, but I do not recommend this as you can build it on your own.

Choosing a campaign.

So once you have a decent activity & rank (Jr. Member at the very least), you can start looking for some campaigns. This is one that I have picked out as an example:


As a Junior Member, you can make 0.002 BTC per constructive post and a maximum of 50 posts per week. That’s about $9 a week for just posting!

For my account, a Senior Member – I can get paid 0.015 BTC per constructive post. That’s $68 per week for just 50 posts.

So it’s that simple, just create an account and start posting. In case you don’t know what is a “constructive post”, it is something like this:


It’s just a few sentences – maybe 3 to 4.


Of course, this is not a $5000 a week method, but a small method for you to get some extra cash for gambling, buying things, etc. It’s just something small you can do on the side or upscale it and make a ton of money from it.

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