disable internet of other users

Here this tutorial I will show you how can you disable internet access to other users in your same WiFi Network. Wifi Hacker, Wifi Cracker

So let’s begin with this Wifi hacker app to hack wifi by android

Prerequisites are:

  • Attacker and Victim must be connected to same Wi-Fi Network

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Disable Internet Of Other Users

First Of all, You Have To Download A Tool Named “Netcut”

Even though Windows version works pretty well, but it’s still under Beta stage and contains lots of bugs, so I would suggest you stick with Android Version

  • Once You Have Downloaded the Netcut, tap to open it (Run with administrator privileges for windows), here I will demonstrate with Android.
  • Once you have opened and give all the permissions, Tap on “CUT‘ it will rapidly start scanning for devices in your WiFi Network, and in few seconds you will be shown up a list of devices in your wifi network
List Of Wifi Users Using Netcut
  • Just Tap On The Device of which you want to deny internet access, wait 5-10seconds and the Wi-Fi symbol will be turned to RED on that device section.
Devices With Denied Access Will Turn RED Wifi Icon
  • Now You Can Check-Up The Device Of Whose Internet Access You Just Turned Off. Internet won’t work on that Device.
  • To Restore Internet Access Just Tap The Device Again, and WiFi symbol will Turn BLUE, hence restoring The Internet Access.
  • Additionally, You Can Tap On “LOCK” icon to stop new users joining that WiFi network.


Lock Out New users from joining the network

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Disable Internet Of Other Users Using Netcut.

So this how you can use Netcut to deny internet access to anyone in your WiFi network, You dont have to login into admin panel of that WiFi Router (That’s not at all necessary). You just have to connect to that wifi network to annoy other users in that wifi network. Netcut will do the job. If You Like This Tool, Let Us Know Your Thoughts In The Comments.



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