Bluetooth Hacker
BlueBorne Bluetooth Hacker

BlueBorne Bluetooth hacker is an attack vector by which hackers can leverage Bluetooth connections to penetrate and take complete control over targeted devices. BlueBorne Bluetooth hacker affects ordinary computers, mobile phones, and the expanding realm of IoT devices.

What makes this Bluetooth hacker scarier is that the attack does not require the targeted device to be paired with the attacker’s device or even to be set on discoverable mode. The BlueBorne Bluetooth hacker attack vector can be used to conduct a large range of offenses, including remote code execution as well as Man-in-The-Middle attacks.

Blueborne Bluetooth hacker exploit is so formidable because Bluetooth is not only present on Android, iOS, Windows or Linux, but it is also most used on majority IoT devices.

Demonstration Video: How This BlueBorne Exploit Works

BlueBorne Bluetooth Hacker – How To Install?

The BlueBorne tool is only available for Linux.

Disclaimer: This Tutorial and Tool is just for educational and learning purposes. MyHacker and App Developers won’t bear any responsibility for any malicious use of this tool. We Strongly discourage Non-ethical use.

Step 1: Install BlueBorne Android Scanner & Dependencies

Simply Fire Up Terminal and Grab A Github script by Executing these commands

git clone
cd bluebornescanner
pip install r ./requirements.txt
BlueBorne Bluetooth Hacker Installation

If You Are Getting Any Error While Installation By Terminal, Then Download The Package FROM HERE and do a other way around installation.

Step 2: Allow Permissions

on the Blueborne directory set permission the programs to execute.

Step 3: Turn On Bluetooth Service On Linux

By default the Bluetooth service is off. You can easily turn it on by typing:

Step 4: Scan The AIR

After all preparation is done, and the Bluetooth is turned on. Then, run the to start scanning. You need to run this on Python2, I have tested it on the newest Python 3.x and it didn’t work.

As you can see above image, this tool found the vulnerable device and the Bluetooth name of that device is “Endasmu”.

Step 4: Get Mac Address Of The Target

Now that we have our dependencies met and installed the Python script, the only left to be done is to obtain the MAC address of the target system. Type the code.

hcitool scan

Step 6. Execute the BlueBourne Bluetooth Hacker Exploit

Now, we have everything we need to exploit the BlueTooth device. For Demonstration, I will do a simple exploit to extract some data from RAM. To run the exploit, we simply enter python, the name of the script and TARGET= followed by the mac address of the target system.

python TARGET=<MAC ADDRESS of Target>
BlueBorne Bluetooth Hacker Exploit Execution

The python script has exploited the target and removed the first 30 bytes from memory! Of course, we can edit the script to extract even more memory.

I will be updating this post very soon to add some real exploits as you have seen in the video Above. Keep Coming back or just Subscribe to our push notifications to get notified whenever this post gets an update.

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How to Save Android Phone From BlueBorne Bluetooth Hacker

Well, it’s very simple, Just Turn off your Bluetooth. Or if you want to check whether your phone is vulnerable to Blueborne Exploit then download this app to know whether you are vulnerable or not (there is a 90%+ probability that you are vulnerable).

BlueBorne Bluetooth Hacker Vulnerability Scanner

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