Android Keylogger
Android Keylogger

Android Keylogger is no rocket science, they are basically just an Installed app which monitors one’s keystrokes on the keyboard and sends it back remotely. What makes android keylogger an effective tool is they are hidden and often gets converted into a system app which makes it almost impossible for an average person to detect or delete it (unless you factory reset, of course).

In basic application Android Keylogger just peek into victim’s keyboard and sends you whatever he is typing. But in a wide spectrum, an android keylogger basically gets all the confidential information of the victim, including his sensitive passwords and messages. Or Maybe bank details, Who Knows?

Disclaimer: This Tutorial is just for educational & Learning purposes, Using keylogger against someone without mutual consent is highly illegal. MyHacker & App developers won’t bear any responsibility for your malicious actions.

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Monitor Keystrokes with Android Keylogger

So in order to start using keylogger android, you have to download the android keylogger tool. DOWNLOAD HERE

  • Once downloaded, install it on victim’s phone (Sounds difficult but it just takes 10seconds, as there is no sign-up fuss.)
  • When the installation is done you will get a 6digit device id, just remember it.
  • The App is totally stealthy, its hidden everywhere (except “all applications in settings menu” but there also this app is named as “Internet Service” and can’t be installed from there”, not even google play protect can detect this app)
Android Keylogger Installation – Here you can see the App name has been changed
  • In future, if you want you victim to get rid of this android keylogger, just type *8888# and dial-up in phone dialer. And the app will open up giving u the privilege to delete it.

Retrieving the Keystrokes from Android Keylogger

Once done with the toughest part, now you are free of victim’s phone, now just simply go to Android Keylogger Web Dashboard – Visit Here

  • On the web-portal, you will need to signup with your email address and password.
  • Once done signup visit your email inbox to get the login password after that simply re-visit the web portal and log in with your username and password.
Android Keylogger Signup email
  • Inside the dashboard add the device by using the 6digit device id which you got on the installation screen of your victim’s phone.  Once this step is complete you are all set to monitor keystrokes with the deployed keylogger.
  • Now Simply Visit the “Keystroke” Section on the sidebar in your dashboard and you will get to see all the keystroke done by your victim.
Android Keylogger Keystrokes
  • All keystrokes are intercepted and stored on your dashboard, whether it is browser keystroke, app keystroke or chat messages.

Apart from Monitoring the keystrokes, this keylogger App can do pretty awesome things. Such as

  • Call Logs and SMS monitoring.
  • Remotely View or Listen to Camera and Microphone.
  • Web Browser History.
  • File Manager and Photo Gallery Control.
  • Spying and editing Contacts list
  • Social Network Activities (Facebook, Insta, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat & WeChat)
Spying Facebook Chat with Android Keylogger
  • Taking Screenshots
  • And Most Hilarious is you can even block a particular installed app on victim’s phone.

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So this was about using android keylogger. Do you know any other keylogger for android? Or do you getting any problems while using this one we mentioned? Let Us know your thoughts in comments, We Love Hearing from you.

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