1. Firefox Focus

It comes with the robustness of Mozilla, it’s a fast web browser which shields your privacy. You delete the browsing history and cache with a single tap. You can even block the content trackers but that might break webpages.

It has a feature called “Stealth Mode” which is toggled on by default. It prevents you from taking screenshots in the app. Just in case you want to take a screenshot, you’ll have to disable this feature first. Downside is only one tab to be opened at a time, but it does block all trackers – advertising, social, and analytics.

2. Yandex Browser

It is based on Chromium. Boasting an active security system called “Protect” that shields your privacy on public WiFi networks. You can add extensions that opens lot of opportunities like ad-blocking. It offers features like incognito mode, view pages in desktop mode, and webpage translation, Yandex has the potential to be the default browser on your smartphone.

You can save webpages as a PDF. Additionally it has a section named “Yandex Zen” that displays news feed on main screen.

3. Orfox – Tor Browser For Android

Orfox is is built upon Tor Browser. It has a feature called “HTTPS Everywhere” that forces the HTTPS protocol of any website, that is if it has one. For extra security, orfox  can be locked using a password and in the private browsing mode all the trackers get disabled automatically. Furthermore, it disallows you to take screenshots anywhere in the browser.

Additionally you can also proxy the traffic, you’ll need to install Orbot for that. It also comes with the option to clear all data on exit and allows you to install add-ons.

4. Ghostery Privacy Browser

It is a browser that focuses mostly on privacy. Taking in consideration, you don’t have to compromise with your security either. You get the option to block the trackers, auto-complete and pop-up blocking by default.

You also get features which always block cookies and clear traces like browsing history, cookies, and cache on exit. It has a “Ghost Mode” which is similar to Chrome’s Incognito mode and is currently in its beta state.

5. Javelin Browser

This one takes your security to the next level. It let’s you browse the Internet while being incognito always. It has a “Spirit” mode which gives a super-fast private proxy tunnel (VPN) and private browsing that hides your online activity from firewalls.

Additionally it turns on a private proxy server whenever you visit a blocked website, making browsing experience seamless.



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